Quality and Environmental Policy

The Management of Plastics Eumar knows and wants to communicate and incorporate into our staff’s values and our daily activities, that being an “EXCELLENT” company is the way forward. That means, a company that our Customers appreciate, positively and distinctively from our competitors, with a dedication to Continuous Improvement following the principle:

“PLÁSTICOS EUMAR S.L., a reliable product; we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and the quality of our products.”

To achieve this, we have committed to:

  • Considering Quality, the Environment, and Sustainability as key aspects in decision-making.
  • Maintaining an integrated, efficient Management System, based on a process of Continuous Improvement of results, which ensures Quality in products and services, the protection and preservation of the Environment, and the prevention of pollution in all operations, the most efficient and sustainable use of resources, and ensuring the safety of the personnel working within it.
  • Having a dynamic company structure, capable of adapting to the changing needs conveyed by customers and the market.
  • Actively involving staff through training, motivation, and participation programs, ensuring proper training for the successful execution of tasks and responsibilities related to each job position.
  • Compliance with legislation and other established requirements, in all business areas, whether Operational, Environmental, or in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Fostering good internal communication at all hierarchical levels of the company, establishing improvement programs, and recognizing the best proposals from our staff, especially those that contribute to improving the quality of our service and the Environment.